Aktuelle Call for Papers

Wir dokumentieren in loser Folge die CfP/CfA, die uns erreichen. Siehe auch den umfangreichen Service der Social and Labour History News.


[CFP] WORCK Conference: Reconceptualising Wage Labour (16–20 September 2020, CEU Budapest). PDF:  WORCK_Conference_Reconceptualizing_Wage_Labour_CFP. Deadline: 15 Februar 2020.


Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Technikgeschichte 2020: „Technik und Arbeit“, 15.-17. Mai 2020, Wuppertal. Hier der CfP als PDF: GTG_CfP_2020_final. Deadline: 6.1.2020


CfP zur ITH Konferenz 2020: “Capital, Migration and the Left”/„Kapital, Migration und die Linke“

Die 56. ITH-Konferenz (24.-26. September 2020, Linz/Oberösterreich) widmet sich dem Thema „Kapital,  Migration und die Linke“. Der Call als PDF in deutsch und in englisch. Deadline: 15. Janaur 2020.


Minorities, Cultures of Integration, and Patterns of Exclusion – Sixth European Congress on World and Global History;  Turku/Finland, 06/20

Under the theme „Minorities, Cultures of Integration and Patterns of Exclusion“, we seek to stimulate and discuss research on minorities and the processes of past and present minoritization as well as the resistance they engender from a global perspective. We aim to analyse the various concepts of minority and minority positions, practices and narratives of inclusion, belonging, and exclusion with a focus on transnational and transregional constellations as well as comparative perspectives. Addressing the exposure to and challenge of historical and contemporary mechanisms and policies of marginalization and exclusion in their relation to past and present cultures of integration we hope to stimulate a reflection on the normative underpinnings of societies.

Our aim is to bring together as many perspectives and case studies as possible so that a stimulating debate about interpretations across historical periods, about comparisons of spaces may emerge, leading towards greater sensibility for border-crossing entanglements and encounters. More here.


CfP: Labouring Lives and Political Protest. Across and Beyond the Nordic Countries // Nordic Labour History Conference, The Workers Museum, Copenhagen, November 26-29, 2020

The title of the conference – Labouring Lives and Political Protest Across and Beyond the Nordic Countries – is meant to encourage this expansion of approaches by pointing to the specificities of labour as such, of labour organizing, of workers’ associations and parties, of collective bargaining practices and traditions, of the lived lives of workers, of convergences of and segregations between workplace and home,
labour and free time, of various forms of political protest, activism and dissidence, as well as the spatial and temporal geographies of labour within, but not limited to a Nordic context. Labour and workers travel beyond sectoral and national borders and thus labour history inquiries must travel too. PDF of the Call.


CfP der Kommission „Erinnerungskulturen der sozialen Demokratie“
Die Kommission Kommission „Erinnerungskulturen der sozialen Demokratie“ am Institut für soziale Bewegungen der Ruhr-Universität Bochum sucht laufend Beiträge für ihre erinnerungsgeschichtliche Arbeit zu Ereignissen, Prozessen und Personen aus der Geschichte der sozialen Demokratie, der Arbeiterbewegung und insbesondere der Gewerkschaften. Mehr hier bei HSozKult.

Rückfragen beantwortet Ulf Teichmann (Ulf.Teichmann@rub.de), Institut für soziale Bewegungen, Clemensstraße 17-19, 44789 Bochum, Tel. 0234 / 32-28845.



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