Aktuelle Calls

Wir dokumentieren in loser Folge die CfP, die uns erreichen.


CfP/International Labour Process Conference /24-26 April 2019, Vienna/Austria

„The 2019 conference will additionally focus on ‘Fragmentations and Solidarities’ in contemporary work and employment relations…..“ Deadline 26 October 2018. Decisions of acceptance will be made by early December 2018. Der call als PDF ILPC Call Vienna 2019


Call for Papers für die 55. ITH-Konferenz (5.-7. September 2019, Linz/Oberösterreich) zum Thema „Arbeit auf dem Land: AkteurInnen, Gesellschaften und Umwelten“/ “Working on the Land: Actors, Societies and Environments”

Die Calls als PDF ith_cfp_2019_deutsch ith_cfp_2019_englisch


CfP der Kommission „Erinnerungskulturen der sozialen Demokratie“ für ein Panel „Memories of Social Democracy, Trade Unions and the Labour Movement“, organisiert von Stefan Berger für die Third Annual Memory Studies Association Conference, 25.-28. Juni 2019, Madrid. (Call for Papers_MSA_Memories of social democracy trade unions and the labour movement_Jenny comments)


CfP für die dritte Konferenz des European Labour History Network (ELHN), Amsterdam, 19-21 September 2019

Session: Family Economy & Feminist Labour history (mehr)
deadline 10 September 2018

Session: Living conditions in mining towns in history. Labour, production, workers’ organizations, institutions (mehr)
deadline 5 September 2018

Session: Exploring Workers’ Education: institutions and practices (mehr)
deadline 24 September 2018

Session: Working-Class Politics in 20th century Europe (mehr)
deadline 24 September 2018

Session: Written and Visual Representations of the World of Work ‚in and by the Working Class‘ (mehr)
deadline 5 September 2018

Session: Military Labour History (mehr)
deadline 15 September 2018

Joint session of the Working Groups Free/Unfree Labour and Feminist Labour History (mehr)
deadline 15 September 2018.


CfP Workers on the Move, Workers’ Movements

The Labor and Working-Class History Association (Duke University, May 30-June 1, 2019).

Conference on labor, migration, and organizing. Deadline 1. Oktober. Zum Call


CfP Zukunft des Sorgens und der Sorgearbeit

7. Workshop der Initiative Care.Macht.Mehr, der als länderübergreifende Tagung mit der Abteilung für Gesellschaftstheorie und Sozialanalysen am Institut für Soziologie der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz am 14. und 15.2. 2019 in Linz/Österreich stattfindet. [CfP Tagung Zukunft des Sorgens Feb 2019]


New perspectives in feminist labour history: work and activism (Bologna, 17-18 January 2019)

Call der EHLN working group “Feminist Labour History” und der SISLAV working group “Gender and Labour”, Deadline July 10th, 2018 (hier als PDF)


Organized Labor, the City, and the Grassroots: An International Workshop on the History of Urban Social Movements, 27.01.2019 – 28.01.2019, Jerusalem

The global protest cycle of 2011 has brought to life a plethora of urban social movements. From occupying Puerta del Sol in downtown Madrid to pitching tents on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard, from struggles against evictions in Cape Town to the tenants’ movement of Warsaw, from Gezi Park to Wall Street–cities across the globe witnessed waves of collective action that were genuinely urban in both form and content. In the light of these events, historians have rediscovered the rich legacy of past urban struggle. But notwithstanding the growing number of contributions that analyze urban riots, rent strikes, anti-eviction campaigns, housing reform initiatives or struggles for access to collective consumption and political participation in the cities of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, past urban protest is usually studied in a heavily localized and temporalized context that tends to shun comparison across borders or through time. By default skeptical of generalizations, historians are thus contributing to the widespread perception in the social sciences that urban social movements somehow appeared out of thin air in the aftermath of the rebellious 1960s. (Mehr hier auf H-Soz-Kult)

2019 Global Summit on Labor Migration. Global Labor Migration: Past and Present
June 20-22, 2019, the submission deadline is extended to August 15th!

International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Labor migration is a vast, global, and highly fluid phenomenon in the 21st century, capturing public attention and driving political controversy. There are more labor migrants working in areas beyond their birth country or region than ever before. Although scattered across the social ladder, migrant workers have always clustered, at least initially, in the bottom rungs of the working class. Even as cross-border or inter-regional movement may beckon as a source of hope and new opportunity, the experience for the migrants and their families is often fraught with peril. Labor migrants are vulnerable: they are exploited more easily by recruiters and employers, and are less likely to benefit from union representation. They often face arrest or
deportation when attempting to fight for their rights, and are bound to special documents that limit their ability to change jobs. Moreover, as recent history reminds us, host-country fears directed towards labor migrants can also spark larger political movements characterized by nativist, racist, or even outright fascist tendencies. Clearly, there is a need to combat fear with understanding and to reach for improved
global regulations and standards to protect the rights and welfare of migrants alongside those of host country working people.

Applicants are encouraged to submit full panel proposals, including a chair, commentator, and no more than three papers; individual paper submissions will also be accepted. The submission form may be found at https://apply.arhu.umd.edu/application/146/info. The deadline for submitting proposals is 11:59 P.M. EST, August 15, 2018.

If you have any questions about this event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at globalmigration@umd.edu.


CfP der Kommission „Erinnerungskulturen der sozialen Demokratie“
Die Kommission Kommission „Erinnerungskulturen der sozialen Demokratie“ am Institut für soziale Bewegungen der Ruhr-Universität Bochum sucht Beiträge für ihre erinnerungsgeschichtliche Arbeit zu Ereignissen, Prozessen und Personen aus der Geschichte der sozialen Demokratie, der Arbeiterbewegung und insbesondere der Gewerkschaften. Mehr hier bei HSozKult.

Rückfragen beantwortet Ulf Teichmann (Ulf.Teichmann@rub.de), Institut für soziale Bewegungen, Clemensstraße 17-19, 44789 Bochum, Tel. 0234 / 32-28845.


Call for Abstracts: Arbeitskonflikte und Gender – aktuelle und historische Perspektiven, Tagung am 21./22.3.2019 in Nürnberg: Call.Arbeitskonflikte und Gender.end



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